Young Musicians Competition – Woodwinds

CHAIRPERSON:                 Christine Kang (

REGISTRATION FEE: Solo - $55 per student. Ensemble - $30 per person for ensemble group. Fees are non-refundable.

If paying by check, it should be written by the teacher and made payable to “New Jersey Music Teachers Association” with the event code “YMC-Winds” written on the memo line.  

Absolutely no checks from students, and no cash or money orders will be accepted.  
Checks can be mailed to:

Christine Kang
15 Elmwood Pl.
North Brunswick, NJ 08902-2836

REPERTOIRESelection of the repertoire is at the discretion of the teacher, with the following requirements:

  • Two contrasting pieces – one from either the Baroque or Classical eras, or one from either the Romantic, Impressionistic or Moderneras.

  • Selections may be those written for solo instrument (unaccompanied) or solo instrument with accompaniment; however, pieces written with an accompaniment must be performed with the accompaniment.

  • Memorization of pieces is not required, but is recommended.

  •  Only one movement of a Concerto or Sonata should be performed, unless the movements are very short, or are meant to be played uninterrupted. The total amount of performance time for multiple movements of one piece should be no more than half of the allotted time per age group. (i.e. 5 minutes for ages 10 and under, 8½ minutes for ages 15-17,etc.)

  • Repeats should not be taken unless the piece is very short, or the lack of repeats would affect the integrity of thepiece.  

  • Arrangements and transcriptions should only be used if no suitable age appropriate literature is available. No simplified arrangements will be accepted. It is the intention that the repertoire should be chosen from the solo literature for each respectiveinstrument.