Spring Piano Festival

A non-competitive event, Spring Piano Festival takes place in March every year, to provide musical growth through evaluation and encouragement. The teacher and parents are invited to attend the private audition. This event is open for solo and piano duet category.

CHAIRPERSONS: Cyenny Pesik and Shuling Juan

DATES & LOCATIONS:   Sundays, March 24 & March 31, 2019 (Cap 500 Entries for each Festival date)

Westminster Choir College - Princeton and Erdman Halls

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, February 1, 2019

AWARDS: Both written and verbal comments will be given. Students receiving an Excellent rating will be awarded a certificate and Gold Seal. A Very Good will be awarded a certificate with a Silver Seal. Students receiving an Excellent or Very Good rating for three years will be awarded a medal, trophies for five and seven years and plaques for 10 years and beyond. The certificates and the written evaluations must be picked up between 4:00 and 5:00 pm on the Festival day. If a teacher cannot pick them up personally, he/she MUST send another person with the release form (which is available online) signed by the teacher. No awards will be mailed or picked up door-to-door. NJMTA is not responsible for unclaimed awards after the second festival day.

HOW TO ENTER: Teachers are to complete the online registration form for this event. Teachers should supply all requested information and collect fees from the students. Please note that there is no longer AM/PM request. If the student has special needs, please enter an @ after the last name. If the students are siblings, please enter an asterisk * after the last names. One payment for all combined student fees should be paid by the teacher. Payment via PayPal is preferred. If it is necessary to make payment via check, it should be written by the teacher  and made payable to “New Jersey Music Teachers Association” with the event code “Festival” written on the memo line. Absolutely no checks from students, and no cash or money orders will be accepted. 

Checks can be mailed to:  Shuling Hou

30 Mayercik Court

Edison, NJ 08820

REGISTRATION FEE: $50 for a 15-minute session with the adjudicator. 

For duets the fee is $35 per student. Fees are non-refundable.

TEACHER DUTY DEPOSIT FEE: A separate duty deposit fee is required for all participating teachers, both member and non-member. Duty fees may be paid online with your registration, or paid with a separate check from the Registration Fee. The deposit fee/check will be returned after the duty is fulfilled, or cashed if the teacher fails to fulfill his/her assigned job.

For 2019 auditions, please send:

     $60 to enter up to 10 entries

     $85 to enter 11–20 entries

     $110 to enter more than 20 entries

Teachers must indicate their first priority date and second priority date (dates must be different). Once the schedule has been mailed out, there is absolutely NO CHANGE. Please refer to teacher's guidelines on page 22 for further information.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Forms and payment must be submitted no later than Friday, January 25, 2019. Entries submitted after this date will not be processed and students will not be able to enter the event! Please note that the registration is only completed upon the receipt of the payment.

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY: Students of all levels and ages whose teachers are members in good standing of NJMTA.

TEACHER ELIGIBILITY: Teachers must be members in good standing of NJMTA. New members must have paid their dues by January 1, 2019.

REPERTOIRE: Students must perform two memorized complete pieces of contrasting styles. Pieces may be by the same composer as long as they are of contrasting styles. Pieces must be a minimum of 16 measures in length. All pieces should be played in their entirety. Be sure to set aside enough time to allow the judge to adequately discuss the performance with the student. Piano duet repertoire is for one piano only. Students should perform one piece only. Published arrangements are acceptable. Memorization for piano duets is optional, but one extra original music score must be prepared for the judge if the students do not memorize the piece.

FESTIVAL RULES: Please inform parents that absolutely NO videotaping or photography are allowed during the festival. Electronic devices should be turned off at all times.

Please read the General Information page for Participating Teachers Requirements.

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