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A reminder to students and parents: If you have questions about event results, please contact the student's teacher.  Do not email the event chairpersons.  Thank you for your cooperation!  

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  • Saturday, June 09, 2018 1:02 PM | Emily Lau (Administrator)

    The music scores for the 2018 NJMTA Commissioned Composer Competition are now available for purchase. The composer this year is Princeton University faculty, Juri Seo. See the website here for the composer's biography, sample pages of the music, and details for the fall competition.

    Commissioned works by juri seo:

    Sonatine (Piano solo: I. Intermediate, II. Beginning, III. Advanced) $18**
    Arco (violin and piano duo) $10
    *Photo credit Andrew Wilkinson
    **Price was previously listed incorrectly as $15


    PayPal payment is preferred. A limited stock of previously commissioned works are available for purchase as well.

    Please contact Emily Lau with any questions. Thank you!

  • Friday, March 16, 2018 11:39 PM | Mi-Young Kim (Administrator)

    Congratulations to NJMTA board member Christina Xie for being elected to the position of Eastern Division Director for the 2020-2022 term!  She will serve as Director-Elect from now until that time.  

    Christina has served on the NJMTA Board since 2004. She has served as Chair for Spring Recital Auditions as well as the President of NJMTA. She is the current chair for the New Jersey and Eastern Division MTNA Competitions, and was named an MTNA Foundation Fellow in 2017. 

    Thank you to all of the NJMTA members who supported Christina in the election!

  • Thursday, November 30, 2017 8:16 PM | Mi-Young Kim (Administrator)

     I hope everyone had a very nice & happy Thanksgiving with families, relatives and friends!

    On behalf of NJMTA I thank all the teachers for your wonderful students and their participations. Your valuable teaching and experience are constantly raising the level of performance for strings at every event of NJMTA. 

    As is the usual case at the NJMTA State Conference, we had three performers from Young Musicians Competition. Their performance gave us such an unforgettable memory!  For the age group of 10 and under, the first place winner was Katherine Jung. Tienne Yu was the first place winner in the age group of 11-14. She had also been the first place winner in the youngest group in 2014. From the age group of 15-17 Emily Wang held her first place title for the second consecutive year. Bravi to these wonderful young talent violinists! Bravi to the teachers for their great teaching, and the families, for their endless support behind the scenes!


    For the first time since 2009 during which I’ve been chair for the strings department for NJMTA, we held a chamber music master class at the NJMTA Conference. We had three fine guest artists coaching the master class: Anne Ku, violinist, Rachel Ku, violist and Mr. Glenn Fischbach, cellist. Five chamber music groups participated: two string quartets, two piano trios and one piano quintet. It was my first time hosting a chamber music master class, and I feel that it was a tremendous experience and a great opportunity for the chamber music players. Studying a string instrument can be a challenge, but playing with other people in a group is so much fun! I assure you that this program will continue to grow in the future. 


    Once again thank you very much for your support and your wonderful students!


    Ingrid Tang

    String Chair of NJMTA

  • Tuesday, November 07, 2017 1:14 AM | Yi Yang

    Young Musicians Competition Winners - Chinese Instruments

                                      Yang Yi, Chairperson

    Age Group Prize Student Teacher
    11-14  2nd Brittany Deng, guzheng, age 12 Yang Yi
    3rd Dongfang Qu, guzheng, age 13 Yang Yi
    HM Rachael Ngai, guzheng, age 13 Yang Yi
    HM Christopher Lee, guzheng, age 11 Yang Yi
    15-17 1st Emily Yang, guzheng, age 16 Yang Yi
    3rd Zi Rou Chen, guzheng, age 15 Yang Yi
    HM Naitian Zhang, guzheng, age 17 Yang Yi
    HM Eileen Yang, guzheng, age 15 Yang Yi
    Group   1st Bree Zhang, Emily Yang Yang Yi
    2nd ZiRou Chen, Eileen Yang,
    Rachael Ngai, Dongfang Qu, Brittany Deng, Christopher Lee, YuRu Lin, JianNing Wang,
    Hao Lawrence Chen, Chen Zara Myrna Chen
    Yang Yi

  • Monday, November 06, 2017 5:10 PM | Emily Lau (Administrator)

    Marvin Blickenstaff, clinician

    Emily Lau, Chairperson

    Performers* (in composers' chronological order)

    1)  Antonio Angelico, Bach:  Two-part Inventions in A Minor and Bb Major

    2)  Ava Fong, Mozart:  Sonata in C, K. 545

    3)  Emma Zheng, Chopin:  Nocturne in C# minor, op. post. 

    4)  Mercedes Prentice, Chopin:  Waltz in A minor 

    5)  Angela Sun, Gillock:  Fountain in the Rain


    1)  Charles Love, Beethoven:  Sonatina in F 

    2)  Amy Lin, Haydn:  Sonata in DM, III

    *All students were anonymously selected by the clinician based on repertoire choice.

  • Monday, November 06, 2017 10:07 AM | Wei-Yuh Xie (Administrator)

    2017 Conference Master Class Audition Result

    Kyu-Jung Rhee, Master Class Chairperson

    (Students selected for the Master Class are listed in alphabetical order according to their last names)

    Master        Selected               Vincent Jiang, age 14           Gloria Chu

    Class          Fantasy Pieces, Op. 6, No. 3 – Scherzo by C. T. Griffes


                            Selected              Kelsey Lee, age 16                   Beatrice Long

                            Sonata in C Minor, K. 457, Mvt. 1 by Mozart 

                            Selected             Grace Xiong, age 17               Chiu-Tze Lin

                            Gaspard de la Nuit – I. Ondine by M. Ravel


                            Selected           Elizabeth Yang, age 13             Grace Yang

                            Variations Sérieuses, Op. 54 by Felix Mendelssohn


                            Alternate           Gordon Li, age 13                     Julia Lam

                            Alternate           James Yang, age 16                 Grace Yang

  • Monday, November 06, 2017 10:04 AM | Wei-Yuh Xie (Administrator)

    Young Musicians Competition   Winners - Piano

    Yu-Ying Emily Lee, Chairperson

    (Third prizewinners, and honorable mention recipients, are listed in alphabetical order according to their last names)

    Age Group  Prize               Student                                   Teacher                 

     5                    1st                       Eunice Choi                                  

                            A Little Song, Op. 27

                            2nd                       Aria Song                                    Hwei-Lan Luo


       6                   1st                        Terrance Lin                                Chloris Yuhui Li

                            Slow Struggle by B. Bartok

                            2nd                       Evelyn Liu                                   Eunju J. Kim

                            HM                       Claire Liang                                Chloris Yuhui Li


       7                   1st                         Eric Feng                                   Gloria Chu

                            Variations On a Russian Theme by Maykapar

                            2nd                        Averie Wu                                 Chloris Yuhui Li

                            3rd                         Parth Gupta                              Todd Simmons


       8                   1st                         Ryan Lu                                    Stella Xu

                            Presto from Sonatina in C, Op. 13, No. 1 by Kabalevsky

                            2nd                        Sophie Gang                             Stella Xu

                            3rd                         Vivian Wei                                 Stella Xu

                            3rd                         Hannah Zou                              Chloris Yuhui Li

                            HM                        Christina Wang                          Chiu-Ling Lin

                            HM                        Maggie Wu                                Chang Liu


     9                     1st                        Angela Sun                                Hwei-Lan Luo

                            Fountain in the Rain by William Gillock 

                            2nd                       Shannon Lam                            Chiu-Ling Lin

                            3rd                        Samuel Cronk                           Veda Zuponcic

                            HM                       Chloe Ren                                 Veda Zuponcic


     10                   1st                        Astra Phoon                              

                            Bruyères by Debussy 

                            2nd                       Sarah Li                                   Tomoko Harada 

                            3rd                        Andrew Chen                           Stella Xu

                            3rd                        Taksh Gupta                            Ingrid Clarfield

                            3rd                        Robert Johnston                      Yevgeny Morozov

                            HM                       Kevin Jin                                  Gloria Chu

                            HM                       Effie Li                                      Ingrid Clarfield


    11                     1st                       Christina Wang                        Stella Xu

                            Joc Dobrogean by Constantinescu

                            2nd                       Christopher Shin                     Veda Zuponcic

                            3rd                        Gracelynne Hao                      Ingrid Clarfield

                            3rd                        Vienna Li                                 Tomoko Harada

                            HM                       Sky Han                                  Ingrid Clarfield

                            HM                       Evan Lin                                  Rita Shklar


    12                    1st                        Sophia Kim                            Mansoon Kim

                            Mazurka, Op. 7, No. 1 & 3 by F. Chopin

                            2nd                       Geoffrey Li                             Stella Xu

                            3rd                        Amber Wang                         Ingrid Clarfield


    13                    1st                        Elizabeth Yang                       Grace Yang

                            Variations Sérieuses, Op. 54 by F. Mendelssohn  

                            2nd                       Max Wang                             Chiu-Tze Lin

                            3rd                        Brandon Hwang                    Stella Xu

                            3rd                        Apollo Lee                             Chiu-Tze Lin

                            HM                       Gordon Li                              Julia Lam  

                            HM                       Sammi Li                               Ingrid Clarfield


     14                   1st                        William Chen                        

                            Sonata No. 21 in C Major, Op. 53 “Waldstein” by Beethoven

                            2nd                        Jacqueline Chen                  Ingrid Clarfield

                            3rd                        Ethan Huang                        Yelena Mamonova

                            3rd                        Vincent Jiang                        Gloria Chu

                            HM                       Marie Kolin                            Yelena Ivanov

                            HM                       Victoria Wei                           Stella Xu


     15                   1st                        Tsan Kenneth He                   Stella Xu

                            Tarantella from “Venezia e Napoli” by F. Liszt

                            2nd                        Jenna Cooley                       Gloria Chu

                            3rd                        Alyssa Marie Soma               Stella Xu

                            HM                       Meghan Jin                           Gloria Chu

                            HM                       Lucy Zou                               Ryugin Mikuriya


     16                   1st                        Kelsey Lee                            Beatrice Long 

                            Gargoyles, Op. 29 by Liebermann

                            2nd                       Leda Wang                           Rita Shklar

                            3rd                        Sherwin Pan                        Chiu-Tze Lin

                            HM                       Vishal Raman                      Chiu-Ling Lin


    17                    1st                        Grace Xiong                         Chiu-Tze Lin

                            Gaspard de la Nuit – I. Ondine by M. Ravel 

                            2nd                        John Nguyen                       Stella Xu

                            3rd                        Charlie Liu                            Ingrid Clarfield

                            3rd                        Eric Lou                                Marina Young

                            HM                       Anna Gugliotta                      Hendry Wijaya


    Collegiate       1st                        Cristina Loscutova                Veda Zuponcic

                            Sonata Nr. 3 in B Minor, Op. 58, 1st Movement by F. Chopin

                            2nd                        Denzel Garrick                     Ingrid Clarfield

                            3rd                         Alla Voloshchuk                   Veda Zuponcic

                            HM                        Ani Mouradian                      Violeta Kundrotiene

                            HM                        Brianna Tang                        Yelena Ivanov


  • Sunday, November 05, 2017 8:45 PM | Emily Lau (Administrator)

    2017 Composer Commission Competition Winners

    Jonathan Chapman Cook, Composer

    Emily Lau, Chairperson

    Name Prize Teacher

    Beginner: piano solo
    Time Travel Minuet
    Annabelle Chow 1st Place Stella Xu
    Christina Wang 2nd Place Chiu-Ling Lin
    Karen Du 3rd Place Julia Lam
    Hannah Zou Honorable Mention    Chloris Li

    Intermediate: piano solo
    Muzio is Lost in a Maze
    Jack Fan 1st Place Chiu-Ling Lin
    Lauren Feldman 2nd Place Julia Lam
    Sam Cronk 3rd Place Veda Zuponcic
    Kaleb Zhao Honorable Mention Grace Junghee Yang

    Advanced: piano solo
    Etude No.2 "The River"
    Melissa Cui 1st Place Stella Xu
    Alan Ji 2nd Place Grace Chang

    Duo: piano & alto saxophone
    Michelle Ng & Karan Menon 1st Place Chiu-Tze Lin

  • Sunday, November 05, 2017 1:00 AM | Wei-Yuh Xie (Administrator)

    2017 MTNA Performance Competitions

    Wei-Yuh Christina Xie, Chairperson & Senior Coordinator

    Amy I-Yun Tu, Junior and Young Artist Coordinator  


    Piano Solo

    Winner: LiYuan Byrne                                              Teacher: Chiu-Tze Lin

    Alternate: Elizabeth Yang                                        Teacher: Grace Yang

    Honorable Mention: Vincent Jiang                          Teacher: Gloria Chu

                                       Sammi Li                                Teacher: Ingrid Clarfield

                                       Sabrina Lu                              Teacher:

                                       Christopher Shin                     Teacher: Veda Zuponcic



    Winner: Bethany Bobbs, Cello                                 Teacher: Sieun Lin

    Alternate: Tienne Kelly Yu, Violin                                Teacher: Gary Kosloski

    Honorable Mention: Charlotte Rose Depew, Violin Teacher: Tunde Gaal

                                       Nathan Lin, Violin                  Teacher: Elizabeth Faidley

                                       Samantha Liu, Violin              Teacher: YouSun Kim

                                       Ryan Tully, Violin                   Teacher: Elizabeth Faidley


    Winner: Audrey Yang, Flute                                      Teacher: Joseph Lu

    Alternate: Hannah Lee, Flute                                   Teacher: Amy I-Yun Tu

    Honorable Mention: Veronica Li, Clarinet                Teacher: Larry Guy

                                       Allan Zhang, Clarinet              Teacher: Kenneth Ellison



    Piano Solo

    Winner: Carrie Chen                                                Teacher:

    Alternate: Kelsey Lee                                               Teacher: Beatrice Long

    Honorable Mention: Tsan Kenneth He                        Teacher: Stella Xu

                                          Charlie Liu                                  Teacher: Ingrid Clarfield


    Piano Duet

    Winner: Jake Cheng & Jeffrey Koc                          Teacher: Julia Lam

    Alternate: Kyle Huang & Mia Huang                        Teacher: Chiu-Tze Lin


    Winner: Chelsea Xia                                                   Teacher: Elizabeth Faidley

    Alternate: Dallas Noble                                            Teacher: Hirono Oka

    Honorable Mention: Mia Huang                                    Teacher: YouSun Kim

                                    Jay Kuo                                      Teacher: YouSun Kim

                                    Emily Wang                                Teacher: Tunde Gaal

                                    Benedikt Winzer                         Teacher: Khullip Jeung


    Winner: Juan Carlos Narvaez, Flute                         Teacher: Amy I-Yun Tu

    Alternate: Anita Lin, Flute                                         Teacher: Joseph Lu

    Honorable Mention: Eric Zhao, Saxophone             Teacher: Kenneth Ellison



    Winner: Ani Mouradian                                             Teacher: Violeta Kundrotiene

    Alternate: Aaron Fagerstrom                                    Teacher: Veda Zuponcic

    2017 MTNA Students Composition Competition

    Julia Kovalev, New Jersey Composition Coordinator


    Winner: Michael Middlezong                   Teacher: Kaori Tanioka


    Winner: Jonathan Hartanto                              Teacher: Kaori Tania

    Honorable Mention: Aadhitya Ashok              Teacher: Felicia Ruffman



    Winner: Louis Josephson                                Teacher: Craig Levesque

    Honorable Mention: Curtis Chen                    Teacher: Jen-Chiao Fang

                                       Hiroki Nagao                  Teacher: Craig Levesque

                                       Tiffany Wang                  Teacher: Nancy Modell


  • Monday, October 30, 2017 12:15 PM | Ingrid Tang

                              Young Musicians Competition Winners-Strings 2017

                                                       Ingrid Tang, Chairperson

    Ages                       Prizes             Student                                                                    Teacher

    10 & Under

                                        1st            Katherine Jung, Violin, age 9                                       Yousun Kim

                                        2nd            Joie Kuo, Cello, age 9                                                  Sofia Nowik

                                     3rd            Emily Wang, Violin age 9                                             Yousun Kim

                                     HM            Hannah Kim, Violin, age 9                                           Yousun Kim

                                     HM            Emillian Lipnevich, Violin, age 8                                  Paul Manulik


                                        1st           Tienne Yu, Violin, age 13                                              Gary Kosloski

                                     2nd           Charlotte Depew, Violin, age 14                                   Tunde Gaal

                                     3rd           Henry Rogers, Violin, age 14                                  Katarzyna Powichrowska

                                     3rd           Christopher Li, Violin, age 12                                        Ning Mu

                                     HM            Amy Xiao, Violin, age 12                                              Yousun Kim

                                        HM            Henry Zheng, Violin, age 13                                         Nancy Wilson


                                        1st           Emily Wang, Violin, age 16                                            Tunde Gaal

                                     2nd           Winston Chen, Violin, age 17                                        Yousun Kim

                                     3rd           Mia Huang, Violin, age 15                                              Yousun Kim
                                     3rd           Andrea Sun, Violin, age 17                                             Nancy Wilson

                                     3rd           Katherine Wang, Violin, age 16                                      Ning Mu

                                     HM           Ribhav Bose, Viola, age 15                                            Paul Manulik


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