2017 Intermediate Piano Master Class Selections

Marvin Blickenstaff, clinician

Emily Lau, Chairperson

Performers* (in composers' chronological order)

1)  Antonio Angelico, Bach:  Two-part Inventions in A Minor and Bb Major

2)  Ava Fong, Mozart:  Sonata in C, K. 545

3)  Emma Zheng, Chopin:  Nocturne in C# minor, op. post. 

4)  Mercedes Prentice, Chopin:  Waltz in A minor 

5)  Angela Sun, Gillock:  Fountain in the Rain


1)  Charles Love, Beethoven:  Sonatina in F 

2)  Amy Lin, Haydn:  Sonata in DM, III

*All students were anonymously selected by the clinician based on repertoire choice.