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for Piano, Strings, Winds, Brass, Percussion, Voice & Chinese Instruments

This program is intended for the well-prepared student 

who is capable of accepting the challenge 

of the concert platform.


Online registrations only.

Check the spelling of the student’s name at the time of registration. 

  • For students earning a trophy for multiple years, complete the “Previous Awards” column at the time of registration. 
  • Trophy requests will not be honored after the audition date.
  • Once the registration form is sent and accepted by the chairperson, names of students cannot be substituted.

(FOR PIANO ONLY) Entries will be treated on a “first come, first served” basis. Once that center or date is filled, entries will be directed to another center or date. Do not make special requests. Since there are three different audition dates for piano with three corresponding recital options, please direct students who have conflicts to another center or date.

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY:  See General Guidelines on the General Information page. 

  • Auditions are open to soloists and ensembles. 
  • Ensembles must register through the same teacher on the same form.
  • Voice students must be a minimum age of 9. 

TEACHER ELIGIBILITY:   See General Guidelines on the General Information page.

  • Teachers must be members in good standing of NJMTA. Current membership dues for MTNA and NJMTA should be paid by January 1, 2018. An exception to the January 1st payment of teacher dues will be granted to a teacher joining NJMTA for the very first time. The one-time exception will allow the teacher to pay state dues on or before the postmarked deadline of the Spring events.
  • An NJMTA member with Student Membership status may not enter students. 
  • The teacher and the entrant may not be the same individual.


Solo: $45 per student. 
Ensemble (duet or larger): $30 per student. 

Please make one payment for all combined students via PayPal/check at time of registration. 

  • Payments via PayPal is preferred. 
  • If it is necessary to make payment via check, it should be written by the teacher and made payable to “New Jersey Music Teachers Association” with the event code SRA written on the memo line.  Send the checks to the address listed on the registration form.
  • Absolutely no checks from students, and no cash or money orders will be accepted.  
  • All fees are non-refundable


  • Up to 10 entries   $55
  • 11–20 entries       $80
  • 20+ entries         $105
A separate duty deposit fee is required for all participating teachers 
upon registration. Each audition center requires a separate duty fee. Duty fees may be paid online with your registration, or paid with a separate check from the Registration Fee. The deposit fee/check will be returned after the duty is fulfilled. If the teacher fails to fulfill his/her assigned job the deposit fee will be used to hire a someone to serve the duty. Parents will not be accepted as substitutes. 


Student must bring to the audition the original music scores and their evaluation forms(see below).

  • Please be advised that students must perform at their assigned schedule. Switching time slots or replacing with other students is not permitted. If the student can't make it they forfeit their spot. 
  • Music sharing is not permitted due to scheduling difficulties. Students without music will be allowed to audition at the appointed time but will automatically receive a rating of Honorable Mention.
  • ACCOMPANISTSTeachers and/or their students are responsible for obtaining and appropriately compensating their own accompanists prior to the events. In order to avoid scheduling conflicts with other students using the same accompanist, teachers MUST list the accompanist’s name on the registration forms prior to submission. Teachers may not accompany their students in auditions. NJMTA will provide a recommended list of accompanists should you require one.
  • EVALUATION FORMSThe evaluation sheets will be mailed once the audition schedules are set. Only teachers should fill out the evaluation form, giving all the requested details, noting the timing of each piece and making certain that each student chooses 1st and 2ndchoice of recital dates. This information is used to prepare the program, so please list CORRECT keys, opus numbers, and anything that will identify the music without any doubt. 
  • AWARDS: All auditionees will receive certificates. Students receiving a High Honors or Honors Rating will perform in a Recital. Honorable Mention certificates will be mailed to the teachers. Students will receive special recognition when they receive and perform in either High Honors or Honors recital in the same category for three, five, seven, and ten or more years. Medals will be given for three-year accomplishment, trophies for five and seven years and plaques for ten years and beyond. The performance years need not be consecutive, and the ratings may be a combination of High Honors and Honors performances. The student must have performed in the recital to receive credit for the award.

recital rules

This is a performance-oriented program, and students must perform in recitals. 

  • Performers should arrive at least 15 minutes before their recital time to check in with the recital host and be seated in the programs order with the other performers.
  • Performers who arrive late and miss their place in the recital program may not be allowed to perform. Due to time constraints this will be at the discretion of the recital host. Teachers must see to it that each performer is given a map to the performance venue. 
  • Students and their families are required to stay for the entire recital, so that the performer may receive their certificate.
  • The recital host will report the students who are absent from the recitals and return all the awards and certificates of absent students to the chairperson. 
  • Students who do not participate in recitals will not receive their certificates and will not be allowed a credit towards an award for this year, except under the following circumstances: 
    • Family emergency involving travel out of town or outside of the country
    • Illness - a doctor’s note is required
    • Broken elbow/finger – unable to play, but student must still attend the recital to receive credit for their rating
    • School activities conflict with a team coach or teacher’s letter
  • Students are required to provide their own accompanists for the recital. 
  • Student must perform in the recital that he/she is assigned. If a student performs in a recital that is not assigned for him/her, he/she will not receive the credit toward his/her award accumulation.
  • Student must  perform the piece that the judge chose (as shown on evaluation form) during the audition. 
  • Except for piano, the maximum length of the piece that the students perform at the winners' recital is 8 minutes for students up to 10th grade and 12 minutes for students from 11th grade up and for all adults.
  • Please note the dress code outlined in the General Information. No children dressed in sports clothes or other inappropriate attire will be allowed to perform.
  • Other issues that arise will be discussed and voted on at a board meeting after the event.
  • Teachers are expected to attend their students’ recitals to support their students and assist the recital host.

Please read the Participating Teachers Requirements section on General Information page.

recital etiquette

This is a performance-oriented program in which students and families are expected to practice proper recital etiquette. 

  • We suggest that very young children do not attend these recitals so that they do not disrupt the students' performances. 
  • No one should be moving around during a performance. Please only move between the performances. 
  • No flash photography is allowed during the recitals. 
  • Video cameras may be set up at the back of the recital hall, and photographers are requested to stay with their equipment during the recital. 
  • There will be an opportunity to take both group and individual photographs at the end of each recital.


CHAIRPERSONS: North JerseyGrace Kuo & Hsin I Chou          Princeton - Mi-Young Kim 

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 1, 2018 (No entries will be accepted after March 1.)


  • AUDITION 1 (PRINCETON): Sunday, April 8 - Westminster Choir College (WCC)   

          RECITALS:  Princeton Center – Saturday & Sunday, May 5 & 6 (Princeton Theological Seminary),

                              South Jersey –  Saturday & Sunday, May 19 & 20 (Rowan University)

                                                        *Students auditioning on 4/8 (WCC) must choose from the above recital options

  • AUDITION 2 (PRINCETON): Sunday, April 15 - Westminster Choir College (WCC)

          RECITALS:  Princeton Center  – Saturday & Sunday, May 12 & 13 (Princeton area),

                              South Jersey –  Saturday & Sunday, May 19 & 20 (Rowan University)

                                                        *Students auditioning on 4/15 (WCC) must choose from the above recital options

  • AUDITION 3 (NORTH JERSEY): Sunday, April 15 – County College of Morris (CCM)

          RECITALS:  North Jersey Center – Sundays, May 6 & 13, County College of Morris (CCM)   

                                                        * Students auditioning on 4/15 (CCM) must choose from the above recital options

CLASSIFICATIONS: For the purpose of these auditionsstudents should be classified as follows regardless of age:

  • Elementary (El) – Bach Minuet
  • Intermediate (Int.) – Sonatina
  • Advanced (Adv.) – Sonata

PERFORMANCE TIME:  Maximum total time allowed.

  • Elementary level: 5 minutes
  • Intermediate level: 10 minutes
  • Advanced and College: 15 minutes


  • Students must perform from memory two contrasting compositions from two different musical periods, from the standard repertoire. See the Composer Classification List and General Information page for more details. Students not fulfilling this requirement will receive an Honorable Mention regardless of the quality of performance. The selection is at the discretion of the teacher.
    • All pieces must be at least 16 measures without repeats. 
    • Repeats will not be played unless the piece is very short or the repeats affect the integrity of the piece. 
    • Variations must be performed in their entirety. 
    • Students are required to perform only one movement of a Sonata. 
    • A group of short pieces such as Chopin Preludes can be considered as one piece if they do not exceed the maximum time allowed in their level.
    • Bach Preludes & Fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier do not need to be performed as a set. 
  • No arrangements or simplified editions of works originally written for piano will be accepted. Published transcriptions of the other instruments or ensemble (such as Bach/Busoni’s Chaconne, Chinese tradition folk songs) will be acceptable as long as they are original by the composers. Method book pieces without composer indicated or listed as “adopted by” or “arranged by” are not acceptable.
  • Ensemble repertoire may be for four to six hands on one piano only and may be any combination of piano with strings or woodwinds. 
    • Students should perform one piece only. 
    • Published arrangements are acceptable. 
    • Memorization for piano duet is optional, but one extra copy must be prepared for judge if the students do not memorize the piece. 
    • Memorization is not required for ensemble.


CHAIRPERSONSStrings  Ingrid Tang                               Winds, Brass & Percussion: Renae Block 

Registration Deadline: Monday, March 12, 2018   (A $10 late fee will be charged to each entry of registration between March 12 and March 17, 2018.)


      AUDITIONS: Sunday, April 22 – Westminster Choir College (WCC)


  • Strings:  Sunday, May 6, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Winds:  Sunday, May 13, Rider University           

                       * All students who received Honor or High Honor on 4/22 must perform at these recitals.

CLASSIFICATIONS:   Students’ classifications are determined by age and length of study as follows:  

      • Elementary (El) – less than 3 yrs of study
      • Intermediate (Int.) – 3 to 6 yrs of study
      • Advanced (Adv.) – more than 6 yrs of study

PERFORMANCE TIME: Maximum time allowed through Grade 10 is 12 minutes, grades 11-collegiate and adult are 15 minutes

REPERTOIRETwo contrasting pieces (one from either the Baroque or Classical era, and one from either Romantic or Modern era)

  • Alternately, two contrasting pieces within one time period may be chosen. 
  • Selections may be for solo instrument, solo instrument with accompaniment, or ensembles of two or more in number. 
  • Only one movement of a sonata or concerto should be performed. 
  • Selection of the repertoire is at the discretion of the teacher. It is the intention that the repertoire should be chosen from the solo literature for each respective instrument.
  • Arrangements and transcriptions should only be used if no suitable age appropriate literature is available. No simplified arrangements will be accepted. 
  • Pieces written with a piano accompaniment must be performed with accompaniment.
  • Memorization is optional for winds, brass, strings and percussion.


CHAIRPERSONS:   Voice:   Wennie Nai-Yueh Niu Chinese Instruments:  Yang Yi

Registration Deadline: Monday, March 12, 2018   (A $10 late fee will be charged to each entry of registration between March 12 and March 17, 2018.)


      AUDITIONS: Sunday, April 22 – Westminster Choir College (WCC)


  • Voice Sunday, May 13, Rider University
  • Chinese Instruments: Sunday, May 20, Rider University                       

                       * All students who received Honor or High Honor on 4/22 must perform at these recitals.

CLASSIFICATIONS:   Voice: student’s classifications are determined by age and length of study as follows:

  • Elementary (El) – unto 2 yrs of study
  • Intermediate (Int.) – 2 to 4 yrs of study
  • Advanced (Adv.) – more than 4 yrs of study
  • Adult – above college age, non-professional

PERFORMANCE TIMEMaximum time allowed is 15 minutes. There is no minimum.   


   Voice:  SOLO  - Students must perform three contrasting compositions from standard classical vocal repertoire. One must be in 

                          English, one must be in a foreign language, and the third may be either. One selection from the Musical Theater is
                          allowed if desired.

                ENSEMBLE -  Two selections from standard ensemble repertoire. One must be in English. One selection from the Musical 

                          Theater is allowed if desired.

                The selection is at the discretion of the teacher.

   Chinese Instruments: SOLO -  Students must perform one traditional or modern piece from memory. 

                                       ENSEMBLE -  Students must perform one piece with at least two parts/voices written for the Chinese ensemble 

                                                   group. Ensembles with western instruments or vocal are welcome, but at least fifty percent of the group 

                                                   must play Chinese instruments. The selection is at the discretion of the teacher.   

            * All solo pieces must be memorized for voice and Chinese instruments for both the audition and recital.


To register for Chinese Folk Instruments, please contact the chairperson, Yang Yi.

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