MTNA Foundation

Chairperson: Suzanne Lehrer

America’s Music Future
The future of music education is firmly in the hands of today’s music teachers and students. America’s musical future needs a sound foundation built by teachers dedicated to the education of their students. Those teachers need a strong system to support their continuing improvement as educators, business people and cultural-bearers.

MTNA Foundation Purpose
Music Teachers National Association, with its 25,000 independent and collegiate member teachers, is an important part of the support system moving music teaching into the twenty-first century. The MTNA Foundation, established in 1989, is committed to keeping America’s music future alive for succeeding generations by supporting programs that demonstrate the value and enhance public understanding of the music teaching profession. The MTNA Foundation supports comprehensive programs that nurture the creation, performance, study, and teaching of music.

MTNA Foundation Programs
Take a few moments to think about music and its place in your daily life. Consider becoming a part of the support system through your involvement in the MTNA Foundation. You can help the MTNA Foundation with your investment in programs that:

  • Award teacher enrichment grants to MTNA members for private study or collegiate level coursework.

  • Encourage educational projects and community outreach through matching grants to MTNA local associations.

  • Offer workshops, seminars, symposia, and other educational programs on topics and issues of importance to the music teaching profession.

  • Encourage the generation and performance of new American music through the national composition commission program.

  • Bring about the creation of new works by American composers with the MTNA Shepherd Distinguished Composer of the Year award.

  • Encourage student achievement with awards for MTNA national performance and composition competitions at elementary, junior high, high school, and collegiate levels.

  • Enable students to participate in MTNA competitions through travel grants.

The MTNA Foundation enriches the cultural environment of countless communities – including yours. It supports the professional development of teachers and students that, in turn, aids in our nation’s quest for excellence. You investment in the MTNA Foundation will help MTNA members and their students achieve their goals and provide support for the continuation of our cultural richness.

When you invest in the MTNA Foundation you are cultivating the art of music in America. You become an investor who is personally committed to keeping music alive for the next generation.

MTNA Foundation Fellows

2012 Betty Stoloff
2011 Veda Zuponcic
2010 Margaret Knight
2009 Lillian Livingston
2007 Phyllis Lehrer
2006 Ingrid Clarfield

2018 Marvin Blickenstaff
2017 Wei-Yuh Christina Xie
2016 Chiu-Tze Lin
2015 Deborah Gers
2014 Chiu-Ling Lin
2013 Marianne Lauffer

For more information go to MTNA Foundation Fund Webpage.

Frances Clark-Louise Goss Endowment Fund
Marvin Blickenstaff Endowment Fund

We in New Jersey take special pride in the Frances Clark-Louise Goss Endowment fund and the Marvin Blickenstaff Endowment Fund, which will be a perpetual investment ensuring the continuation of MTNA Foundation grants and programs for the future. Frances Clark and Louise Goss were the two of the founding members of the New Jersey Music Teachers Association.

Contribution Categories

The Founders Society
Platinum Circle: $10,000 or more 
Gold Circle: $2,000-9.999 
Silver Circle: $2,500 – 4,999
Bronze Circle: $1,000- 2,499

Benefactor: $500-999 
Guarantor: $250-499 
Sustainer: $100-249

Supporter: $50-99 
Friend: $25-49 
Donor: Up to $25