General Guidelines to Student Activities

*Photo/Video Release Form must be filled out for any photos/videos of students in any of the NJMTA events before you share with the association whether for website, social media or any other publication materials.   Photo/Video Release Form

Requirements for Teacher Participation

NJMTA Cooperative Teacher Work Requirements

 The New Jersey Music Teachers Association is a nonprofit organization comprised of educators working to promote musical excellence and to motivate students to strive for quality standards. The NJMTA Board is a small group of volunteers who devote many hours to the execution of the group’s purpose.

It is an enormous endeavor to organize and operate a volunteer organization such as our association. We need you, the teachers, to participate actively in order to maintain the same high quality that has made this organization so valuable to the students of New Jersey. With every event, there is a myriad of important details that must come together to make them successful.

Please read the following paragraphs carefully.


The Board of Directors has instituted the following policies

  • To remain a member in good standing, all teachers who enter students in any event must help and assist in the execution of that event. Job choices are listed on the online registration form and must be completed before submission.

  • At the discretion of the Student Activities Coordinator(s), teachers in poor health may be excused from assisting.

  • If a teacher is unable to help on an audition/competition day due to work obligations, a qualified, responsible substitute (high school-aged or older) may be sent in the teacher’s place.

  • A Teacher Duty Deposit fee is required for most events. Please read each event’s guidelines carefully to ensure the correct duty deposit fee is submitted. The duty deposit fee will be refunded when the duty has been completed.

 Penalties for Failure to Comply with Teacher Duty Requirements:

  • If the assigned teacher (or the substitute) fails to appear twice at an event for which they have registered to help, without just cause and notification, they will be subject to the following penalties:

  • The first time a teachers fails to appear for volunteer activities for which they have registered, they will receive a warning.

    1. The second time a teachers fails to appear for volunteer activities for which they have registered, they will not be permitted to register their students for NJMTA events the following year.



Students of all levels are invited to participate in NJMTA events, as long as the following requirements are met:

1. The student or the teacher is a resident of New Jersey or:
2. The lessons take place in New Jersey


The teacher who enters the student must be that student’s primary teacher in the area of performance. In the case of piano ensemble or piano with string/woodwind combination, the coach who is a member of NJMTA can also enter students. 

NJMTA Member Teachers 

Teachers must be members of MTNA and NJMTA in good standing (with the exception of Chinese Instrument events), and must have paid their dues by January 1, 2019 for Spring Event, or September 1, 2019, for Fall Events. An exception to the January 1st payment of teacher dues will be granted to a teacher joining NJMTA for the very first time. The one-time exception will allow the teacher to pay state dues on or before the postmarked deadline of the Spring events.
An NJMTA member with a Student Membership may not enter students. The teacher and the entrant may not be the same individual.
Member teachers are required to pay appropriate registration fees and Teacher Duty Deposit fees for the Spring Piano Festival, Spring Recital Auditions, and all Fall Events. The following four events typically occur on the same day: Young Musicians Competition Piano, Young Musicians Competition Piano Duet, Masterclass Auditions and Commissioned Composer Competition. If teachers are entering students in only one of these four events, the teacher duty fee needs to be paid with that event registration. If teachers are entering students in two or more of these competitions, the teacher duty fee only needs to be paid one time, and should be paid to the event with the most number of students the teacher is registering.
The Teacher Duty Deposit fee will be refunded when the teacher completes his/her duty.

For 2019 events, the Teacher Duty Deposit fee is as follows:

                $55 to enter up to 10 entries

                $80 to enter 11-20 entries

              $105 to enter more than 20 entries

Non-NJMTA Member Teachers (for Fall Events Only)

 Non-members are required to pay the student(s) registration fee, a Teacher Entry Fee of $150 per event, and the Teacher Duty Deposit fee (described above), or have the option of becoming a member of MTNA and NJMTA. 


Registration Fees are non-refundable for all NJMTA events. Please make electronic payment via credit card or make checks payable to "New Jersey Music Teachers Association" (not “NJMTA”). Write the specific event for which you are registering in the “memo” line. Further details are available on the registration form of each event.


Electronic registration forms are available on each event page. Once the registration form has been submitted and accepted by the chairperson, names of students cannot be substituted.


Please check repertoire requirements for each event. It is recommended that for the benefit of the judges all music scores have measures numbered. For your reference a composer classification list is available.


Unless the music is out of print, all original music must be provided to the judges (with the exception of Chinese Instrument events). For out-of-print or downloaded music, students must submit the Copyright Music Release Form to the judges at the time of audition. Students using electronic reading devices must show proof of music purchase or sign a release stating that the music is in the public domain.


All solo music must be memorized for students participating in Piano, Voice and Chinese Instrument auditions/competitions.

For string instruments, memorization is optional for the Recital Audition, but is required for the Young Musicians Competition.

Memorization is optional for Woodwinds/Brass/Percussion instruments as well as Piano Duets and Ensembles.


It is the teacher's responsibility to convey the dress code information to their students. The dress code applies to all student activities: auditions, competitions, festivals and recitals.  Following dress code is strongly encouraged. GIRLS should wear a dress, skirt, or dress slacks with a blouse or sweater. No jeans permitted. Dresses and skirts should be at least knee length when seated. Pants must be full length – no capris. Leggings are permitted under dressy tops. Dress shoes with heels attached or dress sandals with backs are allowed. No sneakers, flip-flops, casual sandals, boots or platform shoes. Colored nail polish, rings and bracelets are not allowed. BOYS should wear a suit or dress slacks with dress shirt, sweater, or sports coat. Ties are optional. No jeans or sneakers, please!


Teachers and/or their students are responsible for obtaining and appropriately compensating their own accompanists prior to the event. In order to avoid scheduling conflicts with other students using the same accompanist, teachers MUST list the accompanist’s name on the registration forms prior to submission. Teachers may not accompany their students in auditions. NJMTA will provide a recommended list of accompanists upon request.


Teachers are responsible for checking the spelling of each student’s name at the time of registration. The student’s name will be printed on any certificates or awards exactly as it appears on their registration form. 

If a student’s name is printed incorrectly on a certificate or award:

The corrected name must be sent to the event chairperson by a deadline specified by that chairperson in order to receive a replacement.If the spelling on the certificate/ award matches the spelling given by the teacher on the student’s registration form, the error will be considered the responsibility of the teacher and they shall be charged an award replacement fee. If the spelling on the certificate/award does not match the spelling given by the teacher on the student’s registration form, the error will be considered the responsibility of NJMTA and the teacher shall not be charged an award replacement fee. The corrected certificates/awards will be available by the next NJMTA event or by a deadline specified by the event chairperson. Name corrections on certificates/awards will NOT be made after a certain date, to be determined by the event chairperson.


No videotaping or photography is allowed in auditions or competitions, including Spring Festivals. However, during recitals and winners’ concerts, video cameras may be set up at the back of the recital hall and photographers are requested to stay there during the recital. No flash photography is allowed. There will be ample opportunity to take both group and individual photographs at the end of each recital and concert.


Should there be any problems, the teacher should contact the appropriate event chairperson. Under NO circumstance should the chairpersons’ contact information(email addresses or phone numbers) be given to parents. All communications may only be between the teacher and the chairperson of the event.