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New Jersey Music Teachers Association

Young Musicians Competition – Woodwinds

Chairperson: Christine Kang

Competition Date and Location: Sunday, October 28, 2018  at Westminster Choir College

Recital Date and Location: Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 4:00 PM, Westminster Choir College


1st Place Winners – Trophies as well as Performances in the Winners Recital at the NJMTA State Conference. (Note: 1st Place Winners are required to perform at the Winners Recital in order to receive the trophies. Those who do not perform at the Winners Recital will only receive the Certificate.)

2nd & 3rd Place Winners – Trophies

Honorable Mentions – Certificates

All winners should make arrangements to pick up their awards at the State Conference if they cannot attend the award presentation at the conference.

How to Enter: Online registration only

Teachers are to complete the online registration form for this event.  Teachers should supply all requested information and collect fees from the students. One payment for all combined student fees should be paid by the teacher.  Payment via PayPal is preferred.  

If it is necessary to make payment via check, it should be written by the teacher and made payable to “New Jersey Music Teachers Association” with the event code “YMW” written on the memo line.  Absolutely no checks from students, and no cash or money orders will be accepted.  

Checks can be mailed to: Christine Kang

15 Elmwood Place

North Brunswick, NJ  08902

Registration Fee: Solo: $55 per student. 

Ensemble: $30 per person for ensemble group. Registration fees are non- refundable.

Teacher Duty Deposit FeeA separate duty deposit fee is required for all participating teachers, both member and non-member. Duty fees may be paid online with your registration, or paid with a separate check from the Registration Fee. The deposit fee/check will be returned after the duty is fulfilled, or cashed if the teacher fails to fulfill his/her assigned job.

For 2018 auditions, please send:

$55 to enter up to 10 entries

$80 to enter 11–20 entries

$105 to enter more than 20 entries

Registration DeadlineSubmitted/postmarked no later than Monday, September 24, 2018. A late fee of $40 is charged for entries submitted between September 25 and September 28. Absolutely no forms will be accepted after September 28. Late application forms will not be processed until the late fee is received. Any fees sent by mail must be sent via regular mail - NO CERTIFIED MAIL, PLEASE!

Student EligibilityStudents of any age up through the collegiate undergraduate level are invited to compete, and they will be grouped by their age as of October 1 of the competition year. Entrants must have studied the performance medium of the competition with the same teacher for a minimum of six months out of the nine months immediately preceding November 1. Except:

  • If the regular teacher is incapacitated or on sabbatical leave
  • If the family moves out of the area
  • In the case of a collegiate freshmen or transfer student
  • Under such circumstances, a certified letter explaining and approving the change in teachers must be submitted with the official application form. Both teachers must be recognized in any matter related to the competition. 

Teacher Eligibility: See General Guidelines.

Member Teachers: Current membership dues for MTNA and NJMTA must be paid by September 1, 2018, in order to enter students in any Fall Young Musicians Competition Event.

Non-member Teachers: Non-members have the option of either becoming a member of MTNA and NJMTA by September 1, 2018, OR paying a Teacher Entry Fee of $150.00.

An exception to the September 1 payment of teacher dues will be granted to a teacher joining NJMTA for the very first time. The one-time exception will allow the teacher to pay state dues on or before the deadline of the competition. An NJMTA member with Student Membership status may not enter students. The teacher and the entrant may not be the same individual. The Primary teacher of the performing medium of the competition must be the teacher who enters the student in the competition.

RepertoireSelection of the repertoire is at the discretion of the teacher, with the following requirements:

Two contrasting pieces – one from either the Baroque or Classical eras, and one from either the Romantic, Impressionistic or Modern eras.

Selections may be those written for solo instrument (unaccompanied) or solo instrument with accompaniment; however, pieces written with an accompaniment must be performed with the accompaniment.

Memorization of pieces is not required, but is recommended.

Only one movement of a Concerto or Sonata should be performed, unless the movements are very short, or are meant to be played uninterrupted. The total amount of performance time for multiple movements of one piece should be no more than half of the allotted time per age group. (i.e. 5 minutes for ages 10 and under, 8½ minutes for ages 15-17, etc.)

Repeats should not be taken unless the piece is very short, or the lack of repeats would affect the integrity of the piece. 

Arrangements and transcriptions should only be used if no suitable age appropriate literature is available. No simplified arrangements will be accepted. It is the intention that the repertoire should be chosen from the solo literature for each respective instrument.

Accompanists: Teachers and/or their students are responsible for obtaining and appropriately compensating their own accompanist prior to the events, and must list them on the registration form to avoid scheduling conflicts with other students using the same accompanist. Teachers may not accompany their own students. NJMTA will provide a recommended list of accompanists should you require one.

Student age groups: Competing students will be grouped in the following age groups: 12 and under, 13–14, 15–17, 18–collegiate undergraduate level.

Performance time: (Maximum performance time)

Through age 10                   10 minutes

Ages 11–14                            15 minutes

Ages 15–17                            17 minutes

Ages 18–undergrad level   20 minutes

Please read the General Information for other information.

To register, click here. 

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