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New Jersey Music Teachers Association


CHAIRPERSONS:  Strings- Ingrid Tang

    Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion - Christine Kang

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday, March 8, 2019


      AUDITIONS: Sunday, April 7 – Westminster Choir College (WCC)


      • Strings:  May 5 - Gambrell Room, Princeton Theological Seminary
      • Winds  May 4 - Gill Chapel, Rider University

                       * All students who received Honor or High Honor on 4/7 must perform at these recitals.

CLASSIFICATIONS:   Students’ classifications are determined by age and length of study as follows:  

  • Elementary (El) – less than 3 yrs of study
  • Intermediate (Int.) – 3 to 6 yrs of study
  • Advanced (Adv.) – more than 6 yrs of study

PERFORMANCE TIME: Maximum time allowed through Grade 10 is 12 minutes, grades 11-collegiate and adult are 15 minutes

REPERTOIRETwo contrasting pieces (one from either the Baroque or Classical era, and one from either Romantic or Modern era)

      • Alternately, two contrasting pieces within one time period may be chosen. 
      • Selections may be for solo instrument, solo instrument with accompaniment, or ensembles of two or more in number. 
      • Only one movement of a sonata or concerto should be performed. 
      • Selection of the repertoire is at the discretion of the teacher. It is the intention that the repertoire should be chosen from the solo literature for each respective instrument.
      • Arrangements and transcriptions should only be used if no suitable age appropriate literature is available. No simplified arrangements will be accepted. 
      • Pieces written with a piano accompaniment must be performed with accompaniment.
      • Memorization is optional for winds, brass, strings and percussion.

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