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2017 Conference Workshop Clinicians

Nancy Modell

Creative Composing: Empower Creativity, Nurture Musicality

Every child can compose! Expand your vision for your students’ self-expression by learning ways to introduce composition. Composing is an invaluable pedagogical tool that enhances musicianship. You’ll be inspired to try this at home ~ Take the plunge!

Rebecca Pennington

Susie Broke Her Arm and Other Misfortunes

Injuries are common when teaching pre-college students. Broken bones and concussions are bound to happen with the highly active youth we teach. These injuries can be difficult for the teacher because they happen suddenly and the teacher must quickly alter their plans. Teachers attending this presentation will leave armed with resources to navigate all kinds of temporary and sudden injuries, in a way that seamlessly continues the student’s musical journey.

Sondra Tammam

The Choreography of Subtle In and Out Movements at the Keyboard with the    Taubman Approach

Concepts and ideas to enhance tone and virtuosity with In and Out Movements at the keyboard. Technical facility and ease in movement will be discussed with “hands on” examples in scales, arpeggios, and repertoire.

Alessandra Tiraterra

Teaching Ludovico Einaudi: A study of the Piano Music of the Contemporary Composer Who Enchants Audiences

Einaudi’s piano music represents challenging pedagogical material for late pre-college and early undergraduate students; it helps fix the balance between hands and among fingers, and enhances awareness of the sonic capabilities of the modern piano.

Marcia Yurko

Independent Music Teachers Forum

"MTNA Certification: Beginning the Process"

During this session the following topics will be discussed: how to develop a teaching philosophy, understanding the components of the 5 required projects, what are the certification reviewers looking for and exploring the resources at MTNA.

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